Phosphorous Acid

Our company specially produce phosphorous acid 98.5% (H3PO3) very well in China, Output 5000mt per year with ISO9002 Certificate.

CHEMICAL FORMULA : H3PO3        MOT WT : 82.00

  From Colorless Crystals
SG/density 1.651(21 )
MP74200 BP200 (decomposed)
have strong absorbency and Deliquescence soluble in water and ethanol, lay in air graduauy oxidation.

Uses: using reducer and pestide middle-object, using product nylon builder, plastic stabil-izater synthetic fibrin dibasic Glyphosate, Water transacter ATMP and Potassiam phosphibe.

  Content: 98.5%min Fe: 30PPM Phosphate:0.3% max
  Chloride: 0.01% max SO4:0.006% max Price: Very competitive

Packing: Plastic basketwork, film tined with polyethylene, circinal paper bucket, film tined polyethylene.

We also can produce the liquid phosphorous acid with 70%.
Price: Very Competitive